Dental organ is very important for human life.

Its main function is to help chew food.

Well of course Dental health is a priority that should be in priority to be treated and maintained. Because the organs are often directly related to bacteria in the mouth, which is the earliest entrance of bacteria into the body.

Dental organs can also have an effect on the perfection of our appearance. Well, for that we are also advised to always maintain the cleanliness and health of dental organs.

However, if there is damage to tooth organs such as cavities then we have to do super tight perwatan.

Below are some ways you can apply to treat and maintain cavities for your teeth to stay healthy and avoid the pain and pain that can come suddenly.

1. avoid unhealthy foods for cavities

The first way is to avoid certain foods.

If you have a tooth that has holes, you must really avoid food foods that are not good for consumption.

Because if you eat foods that are not recommended then the consequences will be very fatal as the recurrence of pain in the tooth that is perforated.

You are strongly advised to eat foods that are too hard to chew, foods that are too cold or hot, foods that are too much seasoning, too sweet and others.

Well, if you have cavity problems then you should avoid the "forbidden" food.

2. Brushing your teeth regularly

The second way to maintain and maintain the organs are the most easily perforated but often in the ers of many people is is to brush your teeth regularly, of course, by brushing your teeth properly yes.

Dental cavities are usually caused by you who often do not regularly brush your teeth properly done at least 2 times a day.

Therefore, you are obliged to comply with the advice to brush your teeth routine routine 2 times a day yes.

3. Use a special toothpaste

The third way for you who have the problem of cavities, is strongly recommended by doctors to use a special toothpaste to treat and maintain the problem of tooth decay.

Usually Dental toothpaste devoted to people with cavity problems will have plenty of calcium and xylitol for the purpose of repairing tooth enamel or damaged and perforated tooth parts.

Use this one way to pass and keep your cavities.

4. gargle rinse with salt water

The fourth way is when your cavities have a relapse that is painful, or even begin to swell then the first aid you should do is to relieve the pain by rinsing using warm water mixed with salt.

Salt water is useful to be anti-bacteria that can cause cavities or attacked by pain. This is a way of maintaining and maintaining traditional teeth that you can do. The way to do is to dissolve 1 tablespoon of salt with a glass of warm water.

5. Eat foods that contain lots of calcium

The last way is By Eating foods that have high calcium content you can treat and maintain and even repair the tooth that has holes.

You can eat like cheese, eggs, fish, and can also be added with high mutivitamin. Do not forget to drink milk that contains calcium.

Of course consult a doctor is a must if you do have a dental problem. But before that, you can also apply these 5 ways to treat and maintain teeth that have cavities problems. Of course the way it will work if you all apply regularly.